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Welcome to my personal website.


This material is personal because some of the projects are a bit removed from my everyday work as a professor of human rights and media at NYU and the New School. At the university my classes focus on participatory media, documentary practice, photography and human rights, the poetics of witnessing, human rights education, and youth media.


Please see my book: Viva Favela: Ten Years of Photojournalism, Human Rights, and Visual Inclusion in Brazil as an example of my scholarly work. This collaboration won a Documentary Distribution Grant by the Open Society Institute at the Soros Foundation: 


Also see the book I co-authored with Kathleen Sullivan Action for Disarmament: Ten Things You Can Do published on the United Nations Press:


As a photographer, I focus on personal photography, found images, and documentary aesthetics. Many of my film projects also involve photography. As a filmmaker, I work as a director, creative producer, and producer on shorts and feature-length documentaries. In 2012, I won the John Simon Guggenheim Fellowship for my film The Amazon Star, a visual travelogue of the Amazon River, currently in post-production. In 2015 I was a Documentary Fellow at the Sundance Institute for my creative producing on the film Hooligan Sparrow directed by Nanfu Wang. This film opened at the Sundance Film Festival in January of 2016 and is now playing the international festival circuit.

I have two other sites:


Say Goodbye to the Star Ferry


November Tree

You can read more in About Projects.

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